And truth, the kind of truth that has the power to set free, sometimes comes with no emotion. Like an anchor, it simply holds fast.

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and he still doesn’t follow him. you have one job liam.

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I remember the last couple who adopted a dog together. Liam and Danielle. We see how that worked out. Maybe they are going to follow along like that and then do the exact same break up as well. They do everything else the same.

True. They love to recycle pages off their handbook…who knew Modest! was so conscientious about the environment. 

laynefaire brought up the same point. I guess to them it seemed a bit too convenient. Wether the whole dog idea is a lie, or they are just tying Eleanor to it, it can at the very least be said that a man who gets a dog with you to share in that responsibility, but has no plans in marrying you is a man that you need to get on the same page with. So many mix signals! Eleanor do you have friends? Are they supportive of this? My friends would have a few things to say on the subject.

I am still leaning towards my theory that Bruce is made up, as painful as that is to think about.

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"Z: Then he showed me Kid Rock’s last book and his book is about twice the size, hardback, black, simple writing, the whole thing just filled with sick pictures, and just like captions from each place. No bullshit. No, like, ‘my favorite color’s blue,’ ‘my favorite color’s red, ‘if I was invisible for the day I would touch people’s bums,’ none of that. And, then, literally just all sick pictures and it looks bad and he’s basically putting a picture while ??? if it looks cool.
L: Nice, aw sick. Sick. You hear it here first, then.
Z: Every time you look in it, you just think ??? ‘that’s a bad photo.’ Full of sick shit instead of boring crap.
L: Yeah, I know. Same old shit that I’m sure the fans are bored of reading.
Z: They want to know what we’re up to now, man. We’re not into the pink books, man."

—Zayn and Louis on the books x (via donnysoldier)
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Wouldn’t shock me - look at what they did with Payzer 2.0 and Loki.

exactly! that was such madness…i honestly wouldn’t put it past them. as brilliant as it may seem, everything else doesn’t add up to this scenario they are trying to draw. maybe eleanor makes a mean sunday roast!

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[whispers] what if bruce doesn’t really exist? what if it’s just a means to an end to make elounor look domestic?

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Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles: A Love Story In Pictures


Ok, so NOW decided to heed the HJPR siren song and wrote this HIGH-larious feature called “Eleanor Calder and Louis Timelinson: A Love Story in Pictures.” 

Let’s recap the hilarity: 

  • Eleanor gets top billing
  • There are 32 pictures. The second picture is of Hannah and Louis on the X Factor. Ok.
  • There are only 16 pictures that actually include Eleanor and Louis together in the same frame. 
  • Again. 50% of the pictures they used are not of them together. Some aren’t even of either of them. 
  • This poor, dead and rotted horse skeleton being pulverized into the ground. 

BUT I thought it would be fun to do a Harry&Louis version. 

So let’s all leave Elounor in Sad Town and visit my old friend, reality.

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Hahaha I just saw an anon use it on someone else’s blog and it was glorious!

That’s actually what reminded me to get you lol it’s really is like a bad reality tv show

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