And truth, the kind of truth that has the power to set free, sometimes comes with no emotion. Like an anchor, it simply holds fast.

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Pic of Niall with his son and wearing his boyfriend’s shirt

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fakeliampayneWhen your friend falls asleep … Sorry had to blurt out the rude bits aha

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My anon was on to something


So we were all wondering how Louis found that newest favorite by @mistakbly on Twitter.

Well, on July 5th, Michael of 5SOS tweeted this photo.


He didn’t credit or retweet, but that same photo was posted on March 15th by @mistakably  Now from what I can see, Michael doesn’t follow him.

When I go to @mistakably’s timeline, it’s odd because it shows he followed Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Eleanor between July 21st and 24th (do other Twitter timeline’s show the follows in between tweets?  I’ve never seen it before).  

The guy tweets one liners about relationships all the time, and I wonder if somehow he has a shared follower with 5SOS and 1D guys and they see his tweets on their timelines.  He also has about 4 other accounts so who knows- there could be a shared something on one of those.  Just odd that he randomly followed some 1D connected people a week or so ago (of Twitter is right in showing me those follows at the right dates).

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Share a coke with One Direction x

Who the fucks Zain!? Lmao

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Gentle reminder that if Harry and Louis are in a relationship, it is theirs. Theirs, not ours. They do not owe us answers, and they definitely don’t owe us constant validation that they’re still together (even though they sure as hell seem to drop quite a few clues, within the limits of what’s possible). They do not owe us anything.

Also, given their situation, they can’t go skipping down the streets holding hands. What part of “in the closet” do people not get? 

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i think this is my favourite gif of harry like ever

I cant brea the

au where harry is at an open mic night with his band and he’s telling this really funny backstory of one of his songs and then he sees this really beautiful boy at the corner of of his eye and stops mid story to look at the really fit bartender who is leaning against the pillar with a smile on his face before realising that harry is looking at him and he suddenly blushes but can’t look away the silence hangs in the air for a while before someone tells him to “Get on with the fucking song” and harry says that he’ll “only start when he gets the name of the really fit boy working at the bar” so the guy squints up in amusement before opening his mouth laughing “it’s louis” and harry smiles and says “this one is for blue eyes” and begins the song.


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Just in case anyone was wondering, Harry literally going out wearing a distinctive shirt he’s worn onstage and taking a bunch of photos with fans is what “fan service” actually looks like.

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